54 Crescent Blvd, Gloucester City, NJ


Mon: 1pm-2am
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 12pm-2am


To audition to be an ENTERTAINER at Cheerleaders New Jersey there is no appointment necessary.
Auditions are held Daily from 1PM-6PM. Check in with the DJ when you arrive and let him know you are there to audition. Please bring a valid ID.

Prior experience is not required. We take pride in the diversity of the entertainers performing in our club, they are a variety of shapes, sizes, and ethnic backgrounds and we believe our diversity is one of the many factors that makes our club so popular.

1.  Arrive between 1:00PM and 6:00PM
2.  Have valid ID
3.  Check in with the DJ and inform the DJ you are there to audition
4.  Attire is your discretion. Cheerleaders New Jersey is NOT a topless establishment.

54 Crescent Blvd, Gloucester City, NJ 08030

You may confirm Audition times prior by calling: 856-456-6888
Or email: 

Cheerleaders New Jersey Dancer


Details are subject to change based on various situations, please confirm all information with the club.


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